Saturday, 17 March 2012

This makes little sense but Hello!

Lately life seems anything but simple, yet some days worryingly ordinary, mundane even. So I'm starting a blog, not sure why but it's somewhere to write and something to do... time will tell if I'll keep it up and what I'll do with this. Right now I'm using it to procrastinate a little bit but I'll get back to the coursework...

Anyway, hello, I'm Becca, I'm colourful, love animals, love clothes, love books, love television. I might use this as a platform to show you my pretty clothes, to write a little, show you cute things, not sure yet. But mostly it's a way to make an order out of the chaos (and to see that you just have to look inside my wardrobe), I try and tell this what I've done this week- here's where I went, what I watched, what I completed... and perhaps it'll help me remember too. Sometimes I get awfully muddled!

And to Moo the Evil Boffin (who I'm going to make read this first) I would like to warn you about the pixies... you know how they are... won't leave my unicorn be ;) 

And here's a pic of my evening reading... riveting stuff... lol

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