Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Roast

So I thought I'd update with a pic of my amazing chicken and accompanying veg which I'm unhealthily proud of (well, the chicken anyway)... I'm sure other people will be just as excited about this as me... :P

Le Chicken of Awesome (The remainder of which will be converted to sandwiches, soup and probably tomorrows dinner, can't wait for my chicken soup adventure!)

Le Dinner... looks mental but tasted pretty good though I always seem to manage to create lumpy gravy :/ and I'm sure I can definitely see in the dark* now! Also I feel like it needs some green veg in there... but I was good and used up the cauliflower rather than starting on the broccoli ^_^ Go me :P

So now you've been updated on my amazing dinner skills (Oh man aren't I cool?) I shall say thank you and good night- be prepared for updates of my mad soup skills ;)
Much Loves!

*Disclaimer: yeah I know carrots don't actually help you see in the dark but rather contain vitamins that are essential to good vision (haven't been much good to me despite my love for them :P) and these vitamins are also contained in many other fruits and vegetables :D

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