Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Ideal Woman

So a little while back my mother got some free tickets to the Ideal Home Show at Earl's Court Exhibition Centre in my lovely Londinium, and that's where we headed off to yesterday (seemed like quite an appropriate outing so close to Mother's day and as I didn't get to see her on the day being at uni and stuff it was sort of for that purpose too). We went once before when I was somewhere between ten and twelve I'm guessing, this being where I tried my first expresso (bleurgh) and I'm still not a fan of coffee though I don't claim to blame the Ideal Home exhibition for this. Getting back to topic, it's basically, for those who aren't already aware, a collection of stalls and showrooms etc. based around the idea of home improvement (Obviously organised/endorsed by the Magazine 'Ideal Home') there was also a pretty big 'Ideal Woman' section which was predominantly jewellery and beauty with some clothing stalls. It was a pretty female environment, with a lot of older women (though of course it was a weekday) but not so much in comparison to the 'Stitch and Craft' show we visited at Olympia last year. I think we probably spent the most time in the 'Ideal shopping' and 'Ideal Woman' areas with a fair bit in the food and garden sections though the garden section seemed to be mostly expensive pods and hot tubs which were a little out the average persons price range (totally wanted to jump in a hot tub big time!!). Foods wise we had a mega tasty, though rather expensive carvery ham sandwich!

Overall, I really enjoyed the show, there were some appropriately crafty bits and bobs and lots of stuff to look at, we particularly enjoyed looking round the arts and crafts show house which definitely suited mine and my mum's taste though perhaps we thought the colours a little too earthy. I would definitely recommend it as a good day out, particularly with your mum, as there a big variety of things to see and the opportunity for a few freebies and competition entries... there seemed to be lots of stalls with nail art and hair extensions if that's your sort of thing! I couldn't be bothered as my nails were already painted!

Anyway being at the show and generally talking to my mum got me thinking about a few things namely: going to London Comic Con in May (which I had previously discussed with a friend), possibly caving and finally getting my ears pierced (Still not sure about this because I don't like to be like everyone else! I think I would have to get some mighty crazy earrings and maybe some more holes in my ear so I could mix it up a bit more to satisfy my individuality! And I don't want to say goodbye to my retro clips :(), making jewellery and other craft items over the Easter break/summer and just because of the other creative stuff have been thinking a little about cracking on with my a short story idea, once coursework and exams are out the way that is :)

However, JEWELLERY (and other craft stuff) this is the topic I actually want to ramble on about for a bit... I already have a few types that I enjoy doing I have lots of ideas for new colours and other things I want to try. Currently I've mostly made safety pin bracelets, button bracelets and memory wire bracelets/rings (these sort of coil round the wrist with a stretchy wire) though I've also done various random beaded bracelets etc. Basically I want to continue in these areas with different colour combos including using coloured safety pins, as I made a bracelet with some blue safety pins I just happened to have and it cam out looking pretty epic with tiny multicoloured seed beads! I've also seen things using scrabble letters and other game pieces for jewellery and I would hope to pick up these things pretty cheaply second hand.... I'd like to add a twist by adding colours/glitter to the pieces but we shall see! I actually can't wait to have a little crafting adventure! I'm also considering embellishing some clothing with random sequins/beads and creating some really cute and unique designs (as much one-offs as they can be) and both me and my mum are wanting to create some more furniture/random objects covered in decorative paper or fabrics (I currently have an amazing stool!).

A stack of Memory Wire Rings

A Selection of Button Bracelets (Flat style)

A Really Random Selection of Memory Wire Bracelets

My Decoupage Stool (Made by me with advice from my Mummy :D)

Oh, and get this! Yeah get this! I bought a whole chicken! So tomorrow I'm going to make a roast (and use the rest of the chicken for something else) when I remember to get gravy XD When it's £3 for a whole chicken and about the same for two breasts you might as well!! I can have sandwiches, chicken soup the whole thing! :D What with all these crafting ideas and cooking and ideal home shows and the like I really am feeling then housewife-ness and you know what? It's actually not so bad... ;)

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