Sunday, 25 March 2012

Chicken update and me rambling about clothes for awhile ;)

Just thought I'd give you a little update on the chicken because I'm that interesting and then finishing with a bit of Neon dreaming (fashion loves update)! So it ended up in some soup (currently residing in my freezer and awaiting consumption at some point next week), my nommy creamy cheesy pasta speciality (pasta, onions, sauce made from single cream and the cheese of your choice and then whatever meat and veg you might fancy), and a couple of rounds of sandwiches (possibly the best use, especially with lovely Warburtons bread O_O). I also just ate some... especially the funky crispy bits! Have some pics of my madness:

Adding the carcass!

Sandwich (duh :P)

Now what with all these 'amazing' cookery skills you'd think I was a very capable person, but not apparently according to the employers of London which means I must go on another job application rampage tomorrow (when I get bored of coursework! Oh what fun). Also my phone currently hates me and my alarm  keeps going weird as if I needed something else to mess with my life! However, what keeps me going through job applications and the lethargy of coursework is the thought of the beautiful things I could buy if I had a job (though they practically keep me awake at night too they're so awesome <3 XD). Here's a selection of things I'm currently desiring:

I just spotted these mono colour Docs on the official site :3 
They look awesome in white but there's a cute pink too
I also discovered this Oh Docs? Why can't you offer a bespoke service when I am rich??? (never) Though maybe if I get famous I could convince them to sort me some anyway. Plan for life: get rich and famous!

Irregular Choice Flick Flack- they come in a few different colour ways currently (I think this is my favourite)
But there are also a lot of the previous seasons' colours and patterns that you can often find online (I particularly love red and gold starry sequinned ones!! Awesome!

I keep seeing creepers everywhere lately, I know they're an old thing but I haven't thought about them much before, I love these Neon ones- they're started selling them in ♥Cyberdog♥ now too! But they're at least £55 depending where you look!

I swear I looked to see if rainbow jeans existed somewhere before Christmas/my birthday and then I discover these beauties... of course when all christmas/birthday money is gone and they're £48 :/ Rainbow angels please, please, please??? From motel rocks which features a strange selection of items!

From Boohoo, I've seen similar skirts elsewhere including H & M, they also have leggings like this in Boohoo which look awesome and I saw some in Camden! Loving the monochrome (combined with brights ofc :P)

Pineapple print jeans!!! From last summer at River Island but I am determined to find these on Ebay at some point in my life... I saw the shorts version but tooo expensive! 

Gorgeous little Hell Bunny number- keep seeing this when I'm browsing... need to find on ebay... could well find in a shop though I don't think it's a current pattern anymore... Rainbows ^_^ and unicorns... defo need some more purple/lilac tights!
Such cute denim hotpants from Topshop... they look much more Neon in real life! And Topshop denim is lovely <3

Warrior dress from ♥Cyberdog♥ argh they have this in several pretty colours... I like this sparkly one which is of course the most expensive :/ 

Booty shorts <3 Now originally I was absolutely certain that I wanted Fluo tartan ones (to start with anyway) But now they've brought them out in gorgeous Fluo yellow and pink in the most gorgeously gorgeous, sexy amazing, magical, divine, delicious, material known to man... honestly when I felt those babies I knew I was absolutely and completely doomed one way or another... And that's thanks to a casual Camden stroll the other day with my lovely Milly-Moo :D 

Pink ^_^

Yellow ♥♥♥ I think I want these the most now, they're perfect... Neon shopping fairies? Ah day...  (Just keep applying [to jobs], just keep applying, just keep applying, applying, applying... Oh I do love Dory and ♥Cyberdog♥) for all your neon pretties ^_^ (as if you didn't know :P <3)

Today is a day for Neon love my dears... May I ever sparkle and shine in sunlight and UV alike ♥

Over and Out ^_^
(Sorry was that lonnngggg?? :O)

UPDATE: How could I forget to add my desire for some lovely iron fist shoes?? I also want to pillage new look for tights they've got some lovelies atm... anyways... THESE: These are a little bit more my usual but still with an Iron Fist kinda edge... I do want the really stilleto ones though... they did some awesome ones in the past... pray for an ebay miracle maybe? XD

Over and Out for real this time :P xx

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