Saturday, 19 May 2012

Craft Babble

I haven't written a post in awhile so I thought I'd just chat a bit about my craft stuff and what I'm up to there! Finally managed to get some items online in an Etsy store (! Which I'm finding exciting though I'm still not sure where to find more customers, though I have found a few interested friends :) I would appreciate a share here and there (of my facebook page  or Etsy shop!), even if it's not your cup of tea you never know who might take a peek and I would be rather grateful! I'm kind of hoping once I have enough interest business will grow on its own and I can stop spamming everyone...

Anyway as to my actual projects- I have been concentrating on safety pin earrings a lot recently. They're really quite addictively simple to make, and yet really versatile. I think my favourite ones so far are these:

I really enjoyed coordinating the yellow and pink butterfly 'feature' beads (as I think of them) with the other beads and pink safety pins- a sweet and girly look to contrast with the 'punky' pins. When I finally get my ears pierced and sorted I think I will start sporting some of these! Easy advertising? Haha

I've also made a couple of safety pin bracelets recently once I received my pink safety pins (I really love the way these look with coloured pins), I'm planning a red and silver or red and gold coloured one too which I will probably start tonight! I have ordered some different coloured safety pins as well... so waiting to do more exciting fancy coloured bracelets. This one below is possibly my favourite combination so far, though it's not very rainbow!:

Button Bracelets are one of my classics but I've still got quite a lot of those unsold, so maybe I should stop making those for awhile! 

What I really should be getting finished is one of my new projects- shorts! I don't know why but I'm pretty excited about these, there's such a range of coloured shorts about at the moment, I'm hoping to get my hands on some more and make some really crazy designs and I'm also on the look out for some cute/funky/individual patches though they're hard to search online. I think I'm going to check out those in record shops (bands!) and craft shops and see what I can find. I'm basically just sewing sequins and bits on a brand new pair of shorts (though I am thinking of looking for some vintage shorts/jeans to customise too :)) to see what happens:

Just got sequins to add to the back pockets left and possibly some safety pin detail! 

Finally last but not least because I've decided to ignore my decopatch desires for now (though my mum may well do some herself) I'm going to mention the combined project of mum and I which is stretchy handwarmers/gloves made from old t-shirts and tops! Basically I tried to help with cutting out/finishing off/embellishments and she sewed them together on the sewing machine (because I haven't got the hang of that quite yet :P)... can't wait to hopefully embellish and finish some pairs when I'm home (as that's where all the materials are!), I've really got the crafting bug atm and it's making me wonder why I'm taking Zoology as a degree! But oh well I've always like to do a big variety of things :D

Rainbow Hugs and goodbye for now


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