Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Girl: colourful, awkward and a little bit strange

I've been thinking lately, I'd like to have that someone I can call at random times and do something random with. Because, lately, i've had a strong desire to go on adventures... Do silly random things, discover things and see things i've always wanted to. I'm not saying I don't have friends I do random things with because I do and I love those guys! But not everyone is so spontaneous and I feel I want to be more so and equally we never seem to think of random free things to do. Whenever I do have ideas it seems to be completely the wrong time.

What got me thinking this was initial a random Tesco trip at night with my brother and his lovely girlfriend... Now I know that doesn't sound that exciting but it's interesting how my fun and laughter you can find at midnight in a supermarket... It's always slightly surreal shopping at that sort of time anyway... When the skeleton staff are basically just shuffling around stocking the shelves and the litter of this process is strewn over the floor. You always manage to notice different things not just because the place is more or less empty but because somehow I think your mind will see things differently at that kind of hour.

I feel i've been thinking rather randomly and abstractly lately perhaps I'm nearing some kind of epiphany about my life... I could certainly do with one... But for now I'm happy, still single, still unemployed but happy that i'm being the best person I can be. Loves!!


  1. Try shopping in tesco at 5:30 in the morning - the staff look at you as the freedom to escape :D I go on random mystery drives with my mum which are fun, end up in the weirdest but best of places!

  2. I used to go on 'mystery' drives occasionally with my mum when I was younger though she secretly knew where we were going... I think I need to take a random drive soon enlisting one of my friends that can actually drive of course!

  3. haha :D that sounds like great fun! or you could go on the tube and just go off wherever and explore :-)